Mimi is a true 44 years old tickle fetishist I met a few years ago in this way
and we have tickle fun in privates sessions since a long time
so I asked her several time for being tickled on our website.
Unfortunately she has always refused but a few time ago
she changed her mind at the only condition she were masked
due to her professionnal situation.
This girl is so ticklish that we really wanted to introduce her to you for a long time.
Mimi has a true tickle fetish, she loves that at the point that she has never
enough of that even if she becomes insane every second of tickling.
We have rarely seen such a ticklish girl as her who love that at this point.
More she loses control more she asks to increase the punishment even
if she's in a tickling agony.
She has one of the most fantastic hysterical laughter we have ever seen
and her insanely ticklish feet are some of
the most sensitive we have seen during these last few years.
Mimi is by far the most ticklish milf we have ever tickled since
the beginning of our productions.